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Indian Pharma registers robust growth ,9.4 per cent growth in August 2019

The Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) has registered a growth of 9.4 per cent for the month of August 2019 as against July growth of 13.2 per cent. According to AIOCD AWACS report, the IPM has recorded sales of Rs.135,210 crore and a growth of 9.3 per cent for Moving Annual Total (MAT) basis during August 2019.

Among the top 50 corporates, 46 exhibited positive growth for the month of August, 2019.

Among the top 10 companies, Alkem and Glaxo exhibited high growth momentum in August, while Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd and Ranbaxy have gained growth momentum in August and Cipla, Lupin, Torrent appear to have slowed down. Mankind growth momentum is positive, while Intas, Zydus Cadila growths remained steady. Aristo Pharma and Dr Reddys Laboratories growth have picked up in recent months.

Amongst the 11-20 ranked corporates, Aristo exhibited highest growth (26.9 per cent), followed by Dr Reddys at 14.7 per cent, Sanofi India at 14.4 per cent and Emcure + Zuventus at 11.5 per cent. Amongst the 21-30 ranked Corporates, FDC exhibits highest growth (17.4 per cent), followed by Himalaya (16 per cent), Indoco remedies at 15.1 per cent and Novartis + Alcon at 12 per cent.

Amongst the 31-40 ranked corporates, JB Chemicals exhibits highest growth at 21.3 per cent, followed by Franco at 15.9 per cent, Hetero at 14.5 per cent, Blue Cross at 13.2 per cent, and Meyer Organics at 10.6 per cent. Amongst the 41-50 ranked corporates Boehringer Ingelheim exhibits the highest growth (31,5 per cent), followed by Corona (22.4 per cent), Hegde & Hegde (13.8 per cent), and win Medicare (10.1 per cent).

Amongst the 51-60 ranked corporates pharmed exhibits the highest growth at 20.9 per cent, followed by Fourrts at 20.7 per cent, Fresenius Kabi at 17.9 per cent and Troikaa at 11.8 per cent. Amongst the 61-70 ranked Corporates Danone exhibits the highest growth (20.4 per cent), followed by Tablets India (17.1 per cent) and Maneesh (12.4 per cent)

Amongst the 71-80 ranked corporates Leeford exhibits the highest growth (46.4 per cent), followed by Eli Lilly (30.4 per cent), Shreya (17.3 per cent), and Oaknet HC (15.4 per cent). Amongst the 81-90 ranked corporates Roche exhibits the highest growth at 21.3 per cent, followed by Samarth at 11.7 per cent.

Amongst the 91 -100 ranked corporates Torque exhibits the highest growth (24.4 per cent), followed by Alniche LS (14.9 per cent), and Unison (11.3 per cent).Amongst the 101-200 few of the Corporates exhibiting high growths are Celon Labs, Linux Labs, KLM Labs, Reckitt Benckiser, Galpha, Menarini India, Entod, Deys Medicals, Dabur, Juggat, Johnoson & Johnson, Stadmed, Finecure Pharma, Icon, Gland, MSN, ICpa Health, Anglo French, Bestochem etc.

A total 8 companies launched in the past 36 month and only 2 companies have crossed the Rs.10 crore mark in annual sales.

FDC related market showed negative growth of -67.9 per cent, while the Approved FDC market showed a growth of 10 per cent while the single molecules grew at 9.8 per cent for the month August-19. Price component of GD for the FDCs for August-19 is 0.8 per cent, other GDs in terms of volumes are at -70.6 per cent, while new introductions exhibited a growth of 1.9 per cent. The Approved FDC component Growth drivers see Volumes GD at 0.4 per cent, prices at 6.2 per cent while new introduction exhibits a high growth of 3.4 per cent. The single molecules growth drivers are volumes at 2.6 per cent, Price growth of 5 per cent and New Introductions contribute to 2.2 per cent.

For the month of August, MNC were exhibiting a growth of 10.4 per cent, whereas Indian companies were exhibiting a relatively slower growth of 9.1 per cent. Amongst the top MNC’s Boehringer Ingelheim at 26.6 per cent exhibits the highest growth followed by Danone at 20 per cent, Glaxo at 14.7 per cent, Sanofi India at 12.3 per cent.

Anti-infectives exhibiting a double digit growth of 15.3 per cent for August-19. Respiratory segment exhibiting a growth of 13 per cent. Dermatology growing at 9.5 per cent. Gastrointestinal exhibiting growth of 8 per cent, with vitamins and minerals at 7.1 per cent.

All the chronic care segments, except Anti-diabetic which exhibits a double digit growth of 11.2 per cent. Cardiac segment is exhibiting a single digit growth of at 7.9 per cent and CNS registering a growth of 7.1 per cent for the month of August 2019.


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