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Satya Brahma

Backed by decades of experience and relentless dedication our team of professionals work diligently to uphold the highest standards of journalistic and pharmaleaders excellence. Driving innovation and integrating evolving technologies, Pharmaleaders set the standard for the industry. We are committed to building impactful integrated solutions that deliver solid results. Pharmaleaders are at the forefront of giving you the news par excellence.

Satya Brahma is the Founder Chairman & Editorial Head of the illustrious Network 7 Media Group having its wide portfolio in mainstram media in the form of current affairs news magazines, specialized & much widely acclaimed global meeting events, healthcare communications & digital media. Under the Banner of Network 7 Media Group, Satya founded Pharmaleaders, Asia’s most analytical healthcare bi-monthly magazine & india’s best known peer reviewed pharmaceutical & biotechnology voice. Satya also gave birth to Indian Affairs, again a biggest media property which aim at bringing qualitative change in society through fair, independent & unbiased current affairs magazine. Satya felt the need of airing the vital & most neglected areas in mainstream news platform & almost singlehandedly conceptualized, innovated & formatted the much awaited annual event for the corporate world – India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards in 2009. Satya is also the founder of prestigious international events such as Jai Mumbai which is conducted in memory of 26 /11 tragedy. Satya also pioneered the neglected healthcare scenario in the country & started a vibrant international platform in the form of a debate in the public & has been widely appreciated by the think-tanks of the society & is the most widely awaited event in healthcare known as Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership awards. Founded in 2005, the annual affair in india is much talked about industry news. Satya is a Management Guru, Author, Firebrand Speaker, Transformational Leader & a much sought after speaker in National & International platforms on wide ranging topics.

Satya comes from a middle class Brahmin family in the backward state of Orissa (where he has been voicing opinions to covert the rich mineral part to a world class business state since his college days). Born in Berhampur, in the Ganjam District of Orissa, Satya was educated from the government school & was a fearless boy since his early days. His counterparts & friends narrate his story of a brave boy who defied the system & participated in the agitation against the system that was meant for a privileged few. Gifted with a dare-devil attitude, Satya was a craze in his school, college & University days. Satya was a prominent student union leader in graduation & post graduation phase. Satya was adjusted Gold Medal for securing first class first in Master’s Degree in Political Science & International Studies in Berhampur University. Further, he went on to pursue Journalism & Mass Communication & after finishing two post graduations, came to the city of dreams in Mumbai in Maharashtra. And the rest is history.

Satya is a passionate thinker, composed writer, aggressive speaker. Satya imbibes a rare quality of possessing rich leadership qualities with a analytical frame of mind. Known for his exposing misdeeds & corrupt practices in various places in the country, Satya leaves no one unless he is convinced justice & probity is maintained. Satya has a rich & successful career spanning more than 13 years where he worked with major Corporate India Houses including Expomedia Group PLC UK, Care World TV, IJM Group of Companies etc. Driven by his desire to uplift the socially challenged issues, Satya headed The Akshaya Patra Foundation, The Bangalore based World’s Largest NGO – Run school Meal program feeding more than a million childrens a day’s Communication approach & Strategy was revamped & given a innovative look with the use of modern tools of IT & PR campaigns. Organised many Press Conferences highlighting the Organisation’s core strength to both internal & External Stakeholders. Was instrumental in getting Limca Book of Records & a letter of appreciation from President Barack Obama. Organised innovative Event in Bangalore, Mumbai & Bhubaneswar National Level Zero to Billion Programs. Satya became the COO of Wockhardt Foundation. Spearheaded the communication & Media Relations initiatives aggressively backed by a strong team which were personally recruited by him & building the image of the organization & received much appreciations from the external stakeholders in general & Internal stakeholders in particular. Conceived & Organised under my Leadership the much hyped Event “India Leadership Conclave 2009” in association with NDTV PROFIT & DNA. Initiated a Social Revolution by Launching Jai Mumbai Programme in Mumbai with Bloomberg UTV & Hindustan Times. The PR image of the organization increased manifold by bringing many path-breaking initiatives for the first time in the organization. Satya Founded Network 7 Media Group which is being recognized globally as one of the best admired media property. Network 7 Media Group Media Outfit is a result of emergence of an extreme thought process in the form of some of the biggest & exclusive media properties that arose due to the frustration & disappointment of the present status-quo of the society in existence in the form of a careless & extremely insensitive administration of a large set-up. Network 7 Group has continuously strived to expose the misdeeds of the corrupt administrative fabrics or poor legislation or failure of a large entity in corporate governanance. Distinctively standing out of other media initiatives, Network 7 group has been in the forefront of championing the cause of good governance & fair, unbiased & independent reporting in national & international fields. Driven by the objective to address & deliberate some of the burning issues, sometimes neglected causes, Network 7 Media Group Media Outfit is pioneering the concept of introducing a fierce democratic process in the form a mass resistance in bringing into the forefront of issues that matter most in the form of digital, printed, published, conclaves, summits & even in blogs & letters shoot out to the authoritative. Headquartered in Mumbai, Network 7 Group Media Outfit is backed & operated by some of the biggest think-tanks of the contemporary society whose ideas & actions are reflected in the form of editorials & exclusive news findings. Network 7 Group Media is present in the form of digital media production, publications, high-profile international events & healthcare communications.

Satya has published many award winning periodicals, magazines, journals & columns which has appeared in many National & International Dailies. Satya envisaged & published India’s First Comprehensive Drug Reference Guide with a total No of 1000 Pages covering more than 10000 Molecules & as many as 120 Doctors giving their inputs. Under Satya’s leadership & visionary farsightedness, many top corporate & management schools were revamped & given a new look. More than 500 top achievers of the world were felicitated in the Events organized under the direct supervision, from Ratan Tata & Mukesh Ambani to Anna Hazare, from Ranbaxy to Reliance, Satya created a platform for a strong exchange of ideas & powerful medium of communications.

Recipient of many honours & recognitions in India & abroad, Satya believes in empowering the unsung heroes of modern India. Satya is a multifaceted personalities & believes that nothing is impossible in the world if dedication & sincerity are there & refuses to believe that India is not a nation of billion problems, rather a billion opportunities which need to be explored. Though one of the leading voice in India’s think tank, Satya is by nature a simple & down-to-earth introvert while not in work.


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