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Generation Next Indian Pharma Leaders Is The Theme of Much Awaited 4th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Awards 2011


Mumbai Set To Host The Prestigious Leadership Summit & Awards 2011 organised by Pharmaleaders & Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) On Saturday,10th December 2011.

Maharastra : Mumbai, Friday, 28th October 2011 : Welcome to the brand new world of Generation Next Indian Pharma Leaders who have risen under the shadow of their visionary fathers & has been instrumental in shaping up the healthcare industry what it is today. A careful analysis of the present leadership transition & succession will reveal that indeed, Indian pharmaceutical industry has been heading for a metamorphosis due to the induction of new way of thinking by the Generation Next Pharmaceutical Pharma Leaders. The evolution of Indian pharmaceutical Sector since independence has been the story of great show of resilience displayed by the patriarchs who dominated Indian pharma sector in reverese engineering & operated under the domain of License Raj till the enunciation of economic liberalization in 1991 under the visionary Finance Minister Manmohan Singh, currently PM. India was exposed to globalization & was thrown plethora of challenges & opportunities. As we embark a full thoughtful analysis of Generation Next Pharma Leaders at Industry’s most eagerly awaited Annual meet “4th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Awards 2011” to be staged by Pharmaleaders ( ) in association with Indo-American Chamber of Commerce ( IACC)( ) on Saturday,10th December 2011 at Hotel Lalit Intercontinental( Near Mumbai Airport), Mumbai , India under the theme “Generation Next Indian Pharma Leaders” – Challenges & Oppourtunities. More than 30 Industry Leaders will be speaking at the 4th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Awards 2011. The Event being widely perceived as the prestigious Annual Affair, will have participation from Government Academia, Pharma Leaders, Ministers, Social Enterpreneurs.

The first three to four decade of the evolution of Indian Pharma sector saw the visionary legends who scripted the growth story & brought milestone achievements against the powerful MNC’s who continued their move to grab the market share with their high Research-base product range. Late Dr Parvinder Singh of Ranbaxy, Dr Yusuf Hameid of Cipla, I A Modi & Raman Bhai Patel of erstwhile Cadila group, Samprada Singh of Alkem, Suresh Kare of Indoco, Habil Khorakiwala of Wockhardt are some of the notable names that fought against all odds & built-up rapidly their respective empires. While many of the erstwhile regime has changed or diminished or renovated, the new emerging power-equations have come in to fuel the growth engine. “I can say with all confidence & beyond any shadow of doubt that these Pharma Leaders not only mapped the unorganized pharma market but got adapted to the emerging marketing scenario as they changed their Type-Writer to modern day Laptop.While doing so, they went extra miles in Joint Ventures, Acquisitions & Research outlook, leaving a rich legacy to their successors, only time can say that the rich leadership style they practiced in bringing reforms to their own systems, how their sons, daughters & professional designated board will be able to accelerate the pace” says Satya Brahma, Chairman of 4th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Awards & Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Pharmaleaders Magazine ( )… Born with silver spoon in their mouth, these billionaire entrepreneurs featured in this story also the others who due to lack of space or unavailability of authentic source of informations have taken the center stage of their growth engine, so far, are struggling with ideas & remain deeply under the shadow & influence of their fathers, as the change from past style to present regime where technological innovations have dominated the space with great speed. Undoubtedly, the foremost fathers of these firms have grown tremendously although we are hearing of class of thoughts & differences of opinions as the companies which was running with one leadership & command has seen the two power-centers & the loyalty of interests has shifted two-fold as the employees try their best to please both father-son duo. While the old school of thought led by the founder clearly have the edge in decision making process but their shadows clearly reflect in the power struggle. Indeed, It has never been easier to go global as Pioneers are using a new generation of support tools to free people from dependency upon particular locations and support mobile activities, relocation and outsourcing. They can transform understanding and make it easier for people to do difficult jobs at any time and any where.. In an era of protectionism international travel and communications were relatively expensive. Today the horizons of ambitious managers embrace the globe. Deregulation, privatization and market forces have eroded trade barriers. Work can follow daylight allowing 24 hour operation. Resources can be accessed and activity undertaken locally, regionally or globally depending upon requirements and comparative costs. Sole traders and jungle natives use websites and email to contact customers all over the world. However, operating in the international business environment also presents new challenges. There are commercial, legal and financial risks to consider. There are obstacles of distance, culture and time to overcome. An investigation in Pharma Leadership has compared the approaches of successful international operators with those of businesses that find it hard going to reveal lessons for those with global aspirations. Thinking global is the first step towards acting global. Be aware of what is happening abroad. Internationalization requires more than an ability to speak foreign languages. Respect other viewpoints. Be tolerant of national differences. Value diversity. Join international project groups, task forces and teams. Seek opportunities for foreign travel, overseas exchanges and job swaps are some of the realities as we embrace the young bloods coming to the centre stage. Companies like countries can have distinct cultures. Indeed, Knowledge of where the best bars are in Cities abroad does not distinguish an ‘international manager’. Attitudes, approaches and perspectives do. Be sensitive to differences and similarities in national assumptions, attitudes, and motivations. Try to reconcile conflicting interests, while recognizing that particular local requirements create opportunities for bespoke offerings.. Customer segments may or may not coincide with national borders. As we find “Experienced international Pharma Leaders are intuitive and cross-culturally aware. Learn to handle diversity and relationships with overseas colleagues. Mutual expectations need to be realistic and compatible. Address practicalities such as whether technologies are compatible.”
As warning comes to us “Don’t be pre-occupied with yourself. Focus on the people you would like to establish, build and sustain relationships with. Understand them. Empathize with them. Respond to their aspirations, hopes and fears. Keeping opportunities to yourself, trusting no one and operating alone will stunt your growth. Form relationships with complementary collaborators. Match your management style to how people you wish to develop closer relationships with operate.”. People need to be properly supported when overseas operations are established. The latest support tools make it easy for people to understand and emulate the superior approaches of high performers. Higher level work can be quickly outsourced and/or moved offshore. Early adopters report better performance, lower costs, speedier and bespoke responses, increased understanding, reduced stress, less risk and enforced compliance. Large returns on investment result. the good news is that there are practical and cost effective ways of capturing and sharing what our Next Generation Pharma Leaders do differently.”
Originally launched in 1999 as the Pharma Business & Technology Excellence Awards, these were first produced by the PHARMA BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINE as a means of honoring innovation in pharmaceutical marketing, corporate governance and research and development & Lifetime Achievements category. Pharma Excellence Awards were produced by PBT Awards in India and expanded to recognize global corporate citizenship and individual achievements.As PBT Magazine wes discontinued, the task was taken up by the Management of Pharma Leaders Magazine. Over the Years, the awards was re-evaluated and recast to focus more on scientific accomplishments in industry and academic pharmaceutical research. The awards have been presented and at a sold-out gala award night. Since the institution of Leadership Awards, over 200 industry executives and leading academic scientists from around the world have been honoured. At a time when the pharma industry is facing some tough times—and the old way of doing things just won’t work, Our Expert Judges roll out the selection methodology to felicitate the top honours. An independent panel of prominent society and industry leaders have been judging these awards. Winners have been selected via various processes & judging are based on information provided by the nominees. Finalists are notified in advance – in writing. The final winners are announced at the awards evening


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