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The Legends of Indian Pharma Industry in Pharmaleaders Platform

Incredible Pharmaleaders 2013.  – “ Pushing India’s Growth Agenda-” is the theme of the historic edition of Pharmaleaders’s 6th Annual Affair , the 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2013 to be staged in Mumbai on 27th December 2013 in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. Entering in its 6th Year, the much anticipated & awaited prestigious title is attempting to revisit the current state of affairs & the pressure of building brands & most importantly, maintaining the sustainable growth record in an era where Government’s policy making machine making a difficult task to the thinking process & the strategies to retain market dominance. As Pharmaleaders march ahead to host the event, both domestic & international markets have been witnessing a change of approach. The Price war, US FDA Vigilance, FDI & Generics are the key drivers that will determine the winning combinations.

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Indian Pharmaceutical rather Healthcare landscape has drastically changed paving the way for fresh & challenging pressures to the Pharmaleaders. The incredible journey of the Pharmaleaders though marked by many ups & downs, the global healthcare industry are certainly not ignoring the meteoric rise of Indian Pharmaleaders. The Challenges of the Pharmaleaders in the present context are multi-dimensional though the bigger issues grappling the minds of the leaders are increasing pressure from regulators, FDI, Clinical Trials & of course the Pricing!

nnovation With Sparking Discovery will Drive Pharmaleaders at 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2013 The journey that Pharmaleaders undertook till date has been marked by many momentous, outstanding & long standing occasions. Each year we hosted the Pharmaleaders Program, We only meant to salute the visionary leaders, small or big in size or in financial numbers, we had a clear agenda that we are not going to follow the routine & stereo-type award nomination mechanism where there are only selected companies, personalities who are constantly in the limelight. Pharmaleaders broke the rule book & made an exception. We looked at people who were working behind the scene & never wanted any media glare nor any publicity!. Our Research team took a gigantic task of uncovering the “unsung pharmaleaders” who has been spectacular in their own sphere be in Healthcare, Clinical Trials, Manufacturing, Marketing, etc. Our quest of crowning the Pharmaleaders were twofold, those who imbibed innovation with risk taking abilities, to break the rule & make an exception, to show the world that they exist in their own world, in their own way, demonstrable leadership & critically acclaimed leadership. We were never tired, we continued to mix existing bigwigs with the companies & individuals relatively unknown & made them king. We looked at sheer passion, excitement & a sense of pride each time we crowned a Pharmaleader in the platform after a rigorous voting methodology. The Pharmaleaders has been tested & were thrown to the various stakeholders to vote before being crowned. We even stunned some big names when the unsung pharmaleaders were crowned against the mighty of bigwigs. We believed in the spark of innovation year after year as we continued our quest for celebrating the ultimate pharmaleaders experience since 1999. We were the earliest media house to recognize the talents & created Pharmaleaders platform that were imitated by many & became the trendsetters. We are happy today, when we notice the rise of companies in Healthcare to honour the achievers. In the early stage of our momentus journey, we recognized the veterans & legends who are now no more but our spirit of leadership are still reverberating in the reception of companies. Late Dr Parvinder Singh of Ranbaxy who built india’s first MNC, Dr Anji Reddy of Dr Reddy’s Labs, Mr. Indravadan A. Modi of Cadila, Mr Jagdish Saxena of Elder Pharmaceuticals or The former Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), Dr M Venkateswarlu are the few notable names. The current thespian legendary Pharmaleaders who are responsible for building the India image like Dr. Yusuf K. Hamied of Cipla, Dr Habil Khorakiwala of Wockhardt, Mr Samprada Singh of Alkem Laboratories, Dr D. B. Gupta of Lupin or Mr Suresh Kare of Indoco Remedies are in the list of Pharmaleaders winners library. Pharmaleaders Magazine, has felicitated more leaders.


Pharmaleaders is India’s first opinion based & research driven bi-monthly magazine & has a decade of relentless reporting in Pharma Journalism in an unbiased, fearless & independent way. Over the last one decade, The Magazine has covered some of the biggest voices in the healthcare Industry. Available both in digital & printed format, Pharmaleaders has emerged out as a leading title in voicing the opinion of the healthcare industry.


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