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Dr. Prathima Radhakrishnan Led Fetal Medicine to Bring Medical Innovation!

Fetal medicine is an upcoming branch of Obstetrics where the fetus is given the primary care right from screening to diagnosis and management of a fetal problem.
Genetics is the science of heredity and variation. We inherit traits from our parents – these basic units of inheritance are called genes. Sometimes, these ‘genes’ are not passed on in the proper form which can lead to ‘genetic abnormalities’ in the individual. Although some couples are at higher risk than the others, any individual can be affected by a ‘genetic abnormality’.

IMA Fetal Care with Bangalore Fetal Medicine Center (BFMC) is an exclusive chain of fetal care centers to be launched in Bangalore. Ima Fetal Care is focused on providing comprehensive fetal health services for pregnant women with a niche in diagnosing & detecting high risk fetuses. They offer the highest standards of comprehensive fetal screening, diagnosis and treatment. They also offer sensitive counseling and care for high risk pregnancies including early screening and diagnosis of Down syndrome and other chromosomal, structural and genetic abnormalities in an unborn baby. The best choice to help ensure peace of mind during your pregnancy and the safety of your child is IMA Fetal Care.

The Founder

Dr. Prathima Radhakrishnan

Director & Consultant in Fetal Medicine MRCOG (UK);
Dipl in Obs USS ( RCOG, UK); Diploma in Fetal Medicine (FMF, UK)

Dr Prathima is trained in Fetal Medicine from the premier centre – Harris Birthright Research Centre for Fetal Medicine at King’s CollegeHospital, London under Professor Kypros Nicolaides. She has obtained her certificates of competency in various aspects of fetal scanning and in-utero invasive procedures, both diagnostic and therapeutic.


Dr Prathima Radhakrishnan is the first Indian to get the Diploma in Fetal Medicine from the Fetal Medicine Foundation, UK.


She is very passionate about fetal medicine and totally committed to the cause. Her special interest is in Fetal therapy, Early diagnosis of fetal abnormalities and Pre-pregnancy counseling for fetal anomalies.


She is an FMF (UK) accredited trainer for the First trimester (NT) scan and keen participant in many conferences on the theme of Fetal medicine.
She is actively involved in training doctors in Obstetric scanning. She goes around the country doing the First trimester / NT screening workshops and has examined and certified several sonologists to perform the NT scan.


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