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40 leaders, in one place, at one time, for one reason: The Ultimate Pharma Leadership Experience

PharmaLeaders Magazine brings Pharma Leadership Issues hitherto unaddressed in a single platform. Malvinder Singh, Kewal Handa,Dr Ramakant Panda, Satish Reddy, Venkat Jasti, Pulin Shroff, Huzaifa Khorakiwala, Dr Villoo, Dinesh Pillai, Seema Vyas, Commissioner, FDA, Govt of Maharastra among others to address at 3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit 2010.
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Mumbai, Wednesday, 16th June 2010. Pharma Leaders, an international bi-monthly magazine & Indo-American Chamber of Commerce in association with many media partners will be the host to witness Nation’s Biggest Pharma Event “3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit” on 25th & 26th of June 2010 at Hotel Intercontinental, Mumbai, India.Leading Associations like OPPI, IDMA, PHARMEXCIL, BDMA, IPA are the co-partners of the event. A white paper on Empowering Indian Pharmaceutical Industry to lead Globally by Interlink will also be released.The two day summit will have many deliberations from industry stalwarts from Pharmaceutical, life science, bio-technology industry. More than 70 Leaders will be present to address & deliberate the most vital & burning issues the Industry is confronting. The theme of the Summit LIMITLESS LEADERSHIP : BRINGING TODAY, TOMORROW & BEYOND is timely positioned as India is emerging as a preferred destination for outsourcing Drug discovery, clinical research and manufacturing functions. IndianPharma has made impressive strides in the global arena across different business segments and hasdemonstrateditsability to play a leadership role in eachof them. The growth of the domestic pharmaceutical industry has outperformed the Growth of the global pharmaceutical industry. India has proved itself as an excellent value proposition for global pharma companies, most of whom are leveraging onIndia’s cost competitiveness and large pool of technically skilled manpower. India has emerged as a preferred global supplier of high quality drugs and intermediates at verycost effective prices. Indian companies are working aggressively to get a stronger foothold across various segments such as Generics, Contract Research and Manufacturing Services and Clinical Research Services.

The Presentations on two day Summit will be deliberated by veterans such as Obama’s Healthcare policy – An Indian Perspective of its implications. Shri Tapan Ray, Director General, OPPI. Leadership in the Face of Change…Mastering Resiliency : The Road Ahead. Shri Kewal Handa : Managing Director – Pfizer Ltd, Modern Day Practioners : Aims & Aspirations Dr Ramakant Panda, Vice-Chairman, Asian Heart Institute, Preventive Personalised Healthcare – The way Forward Dr. Villoo Morawala-Patell, Founder CEO & MD. Avesthagen Limited Emergence of Biotech Entrepreneurs Leadership role in 2010 Dr Krishna Ella, CMD, Bharat Biotech International Ltd. Bulk Drug & API’s : Challenges & Opportunities Ahead!!! Dr.B.P. S Reddy, Chairman, Hetro Drugs Ltd Destination 2010 – Diversification, Expansion & Ambitions Dr Kamal Sharma, MD, Lupin Ltd Medical Representatives :Future Leaders of Robust Indian Pharma Sector. Mr.Deepak Naik, Managing Director, Eisai Pharma Ltd. Is the Block-buster Molecule outdated?? Dr R.B.Smarta, Managing Direrctor, Interlink Consultancy Pvt Ltd. The Leadership Journey: Creating and Developing Leadership crams models in Pharma Industries. Pravin Iyer, CEO, Medreich Ltd. How Pharma Leaders Can Survive and Thrive In Turbulent Times by Embracing Innovation? Venket Jasti, MD, Suven Life Sciences Ltd.How Pharma Leaders Can Survive and Thrive In Turbulent Times? Ashok Jain, Executive Director, Micro labs. Keynote Address : Is the Indian health care delivery system ready for change? Malvinder Mohan Singh, Group Chairman, Fortis Healthcare & Parkway Holdings. Leadership Lessons from India: The India Way of Leading Business Narayan Gad, CEO – Formulations, Panacea Biotech Ltd. Emergence of Social Devlopment Sector : Corporates need to focus more on CSR? – A Wockhardt Foundation case study, Huzaifa Khorakiwala, CEO, Wockhardt Foundation & Executive Director, Wockhardt Ltd. Globalisation of alternative therapy market-Challenges and opportunities Mr. Pulin Shroff, MD, Charak Pharma ltd. Education through Mid-day meal programs – An overview of The Akshayapatra Foundation Chanchalapati Dasa, Vice Chairman, The Akshayapatra Foundation. Building Pharma Brands : Challenges & Opportunities of Mid-Sized Companies. J.P.N.Singh, Director, Galpha Labs Ltd. PM Innovations in Blood and Biological Products Sanjay Bawsay, Director, Synergy Diagnostics pvt ltd. the era of ethical marketing over? Ruth D’ souza, Executive Director, Interlink Marketing Consultancy Pvt Ltd. Making of a World Class Pharmaceutical Mfg Facility-Complications, Challenges and Criticalities .Dr.Alok Misra, COO, Simpex Pharma Pvt Ltd. Is India marching ahead towards social entrepreneurship? Mr Ramesh Adige, Global Director – Communications , Ranbaxy Ltd . Leadership Lessons from India: Challenges and opportunities of Managed Health care systems Vishal Bali, CEO, Fortis Hospitals. Building a holistic approach to Information Security Risk Management”: Key to growth in the Pharmaceutical sector Mr. Dinesh Pillai, CEO, Mahindra SSG. The Essence of living- perspectives from dietary guidelines and nutritional supplements, Dr Anjali Mukharjee, Consulting Nutritionist. Authorised Generics-Threats or opportunities. Satish Reddy, CEO & MD, Dr Reddy’s Labs Ltd. Multi Visionary Inventions in Liquid dispensing – The Road ahead Satish V Pathak, Founder, CEO, Chief Innovation Officer – Samiep Automoation and Robotics.


Pharmaleaders is India’s first opinion based & research driven bi-monthly magazine & has a decade of relentless reporting in Pharma Journalism in an unbiased, fearless & independent way. Over the last one decade, The Magazine has covered some of the biggest voices in the healthcare Industry. Available both in digital & printed format, Pharmaleaders has emerged out as a leading title in voicing the opinion of the healthcare industry.


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