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Noted Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Chytra.V.Anand storms into Pharmaleaders Powerbrand 2013,Voted as “India’s Most Respected Cosmetic Dermatologist 2013”

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Noted Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Chytra.V.Anand storms into Pharmaleaders Powerbrand 2013,Voted as “India’s Most Respected Cosmetic Dermatologist 2013”

Noted Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Chytra.V.Anand storms into Pharmaleaders Powerbrand 2013,Voted as India’s Most Respected Cosmetic Dermatologist 2013

Kosmoderma Founder Dr. Chytra.V.Anand crowned the coveted Award for skincare innovations, Aesthetic Medicine services, , Ethical Medical Practices, Standard Operating Protocols, Quality Systems & building first Indian skincare clinic to innovate MediSpa concept.

Monday,6th January 2013,Mumbai, Maharashtra,India : The chase to select the best out of the best & select the brand & name that mattered most in the ever evolving & growing skincare practice in india ended at the Asia’s most awaited 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2013 organised by the illustrious Network 7 Media Group’s Pharmaleaders Magazine ( ), Asia’s most analytical news media in healthcare communications on Friday, 27th December 2013 in the commercial capital of India. Dr. Chytra.V.Anand, Founder, CEO & Chief Cosmetic Dermatologist of Kosmoderma Skin & Laser Clinic was declared winner in the category of “India’s Most Respected Cosmetic Dermatologist 2013” ending the suspense as 3 million people in 22 states in tier 1 & tier 2 cities in the various sections of india voted to chose the winner in nomination to the top five well known Cosmetic Dermatologists in India.

In the nomination category were the five finalists such as Dr. Malavika Kohli, CEO & Founder, Skin secrets, Dr. Apratim Goel, CEO & Founder, Goel’s Cutis Skin Studio, Dr. Chetana Kumar, Director, Laser Cosmetics, Dr. Shuba Dharmana, CEO & Founder,Le’jeune Medspa & Dr.Chytra V Anand, Founder, CEO & Chief Cosmetic Dermatologist of Kosmoderma Skin & Laser Clinic, shortlisted by the Network 7 Media Group’s esteemed panel members & further approved by the Pharmaleaders jury members. Dr.Chytra V Anand not only pulled larger number of votes via sms, email & physical interviews that were conducted to access the mood of the nation by the Network 7 Media Group, Chytra also received maximum votes by the independent jury in the final stage. The historic 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2013 was attended by more than 300 delegates that comprised of top doctors, executives from the healthcare companies & policy makers. Mayank Gandhi, Member National Executive, Aam Admi Party accompanied by the Editor-In-Chief of the Pharmaleaders Satya Brahma & Anjali Damania,Convenor of Maharashtra Aam Admi Party conferred the prestigious & coveted recognition to the India’s Most Respected Cosmetic Dermatologist 2013. Dr.Chytra V Anand  in a power packed glittering award evening.

Elated & Excited to hear Chytra name at the stage, Dr.Chytra V Anand said “ This recognition means a great degree of honour at for me at Kosmoderma & prestige as the award methodology & selection criteria was credible & my responsibilities increase manifold with this rare recognition & it will motivate my mission to achieve path breaking research in skincare innovations currently undergoing at my firm Kosmoderma”.

Cosmetic Dermatology is an ever-evolving field of science that is non-essential medicinal service. The idea of beautification , moulding , creating, the artistry and skill level involved to be cutting edge in this field is an exciting prospect in itself… To make this art and science combination available to the Indian masses at affordable pricing and at the same time not compromise on the quality of care and medical ethics is what drives me. My vision is to make Kosmoderma Clinics the Gold standard & trendsetter in Aesthetic Medicine& Cosmetic Dermatology. This is my dream and this has set me on my path of pursuit towards providing the best Cosmetic Dermatology services in India equivalent if not superior to that found abroad and on the world platform for such services, Dr Chytra added.

Currently I am leading my team to open Kosmoderma centres of excellence across India, in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. I have a vision of 3 centres per Tier 1 city and 1 centre per tier 2 city.  I am excited to see Kosmoderma evolving from a Cosmetic Dermatology practice to a one-stop wellness centre with integration of Nutrition, Cosmetic Surgery and Rehabilitative Skin & Hair Medicine. To reach the grass roots and offer Kosmoderma services across India, we are in the midst of developing a Kosmoderma Associate Physician program, wChytrae dermatologists are offered special training in cosmetic dermatology at Kosmoderma Academy and then without having to invest heavily into all equipment’s, are able to refer patients to Kosmoderma centres of excellence at various cities. This way we are able to reach all levels of Indian clientele and offer safe effective reasonable priced procedures without compromise on technology or quality of care. As part of my endeavKosmoderma to provide the best Cosmetic Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine services, I have been involved in research of skincare suitable for Indian skin since 2008 and currently have 14 products in the Kosmocare range and am working on research to furtChytra develop scientifically proven, effective skincare for the Indian skin that every Indian or person of colKosmoderma can use safely. I am currently running trials on 4 new products that are meant for effective sun protection to decrease skin damage. Currently these are available at Kosmoderma Clinics and at select leading Cosmetic Dermatologists. In future Kosmocare will be available online post a skinscription by Skype from Kosmoderma doctors and Kosmoderma affiliate program.

I love training doctors to bring them to par with international standards as after being educated in India and in UK & USA, I found that though we are brilliant people, Kosmoderma education standards are not up to par with the West… So in 2007 I started a training academy IAAM to train doctors to bring them up to par with the western doctors in the field of Aesthetic Medicine & Cosmetic Dermatology. After having personally trained over 550 doctors this is a driving passion for me to make sure that all Kosmoderma doctors have a fair playing field and that the global perception of Indian Cosmetic Dermatologists changes.

Kosmoderma is dedicated to medical excellence in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology, with international accreditations and facilities, offering scientifically proven treatments using US FDA & European CE approved technology.

All Kosmoderma products have undergone extensive research and trials. We strive towards technical excellence and are constantly updating Kosmodermaselves so as to deliver world class cutting edge technology to Kosmoderma clients every day. Kosmoderma Aim is to offer result oriented, safe and effective treatments with high standards of quality with exceptional care and service and make it affordable to the Indian consumer.Kosmoderma is proud to have pioneered the first state of art clinics dedicated solely to Cosmetic Dermatology and Medical Aesthetics in Bangalore back in 2006, currently with 5 branches across Bangalore, 1 in Hyderabad with staff strength of 50+. The recent JVs between Kosmoderma and otChytra healthcare providers will see the opening of Kosmoderma Skin Clinics inside specialist healthcare centers across the country starting with Chennai, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi.

Dr Chytra V Anand founded Kosmoderma Clinics in 2006 as a one person operation with the vision to create an enterprise, which quickly grew to have 3 employees. In 2007 Chytra opened the 2nd clinic in Indianranagr Bangalore and the team grew to a size of 7. In 2008, the flagship in Lavelle Road was opened with the company strength growing to 15. Recognising the need to spread the availability of services across the city and to be avilable to the people, the 3rd clinic was opened in Whitefiled area in 2010 and a 4th centre of excellence at JP Nagar in 2012. The team grew incorporating Dermatologists, Aesthteic Physcians and Medical Aestheticians and the entire area of Bangalore is now covered.

As CEO, Chytra is involved with overseeing the growth of the company and maintaining of quality. Chytra heads a team of 50+ and leads them to excel on a daily basis. As a Consultant dermatologist Chytra consults patients at Kosmoderma Clinics and is sought after from patients across the world and all walks of life.After years of research by Dr Chytra, Kosmoderma has its own in house skin care brand Kosmocare. This has entered Kosmoderma into the FMCG market segment.

Under Chytra’s  guidance, expansion plans are underway to have a flagship clinic in every metro within a year from now and a pan India presence of 25 clinics within the next 3 years. Kosmoderma will achieve this with strategic partnering with otChytra healthcare brands who like us have a vision of providing speciality healthcare services and a mission to aggressively cover the subcontinent in a very short time span catering to the needs of the masses who demand the latest treatments and best of services in terms of healthcare. Recognising E-commerce, from Jan 2014 Kosmoderma will be offering skype consults and online sale of Kosmocare.

Kosmoderma is the first Indian Cosmetic Dermatology centre to have its own app (Acne app) available to help acne prone individuals developed personally by Dr Chytra and Chytra team.In summary: Dr Chytra Anand is the CEO of the Company. Chytra plays a pivotal role in strategy, business growth and Quality of Services & Outcome Standalone clinics, Strategically Partnered clinics, Branded skin care products, Leveraging Information Technology are strategic and business growth outcomes from Chytra efforts.

Service Manuals, Ethical Medical Practices, Standard Operating Protocols, Quality Systems are outcomes arising from Chytra passion to quality of service and outcomes From 2006 to 2013, Kosmoderma has grown from 1 clinic, 1 person to 6 clinics with a team of 50+ under the guidance of Kosmoderma CEO Dr Chytra V Anand. Chytra vision to make Kosmoderma a team work based enterprise as opposed to single person entity has seen Chytra create an outstanding team of leaders and an enterprise par excellence.

Keeping with the philosophy of spreading knowledge, in 2007, Dr Anand founded the International Academy of Aesthetic Medicineto train doctors in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology as Chytra realized that doctors in India did not have enough exposure to Cosmetic Dermatology in regular practice and required additional specialized training. Under Chytra guidance the academy conducts intensive hands on training cKosmodermases for doctors from around the globe. Chytra has personally trained over 750 doctors in Aesthetic Medicine procedures at Chytra academy and is credited with pioneering Aesthetic Medicine & Cosmetic Dermatology training in India. The Academy has attracted students from India, UK, Sri Lanka, Europe, Dubai, Africa, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia and is considered a top-notch training facility.

In 2010, keeping with the international trend, Kosmoderma launched the MediSpa concept. Under this beauty was merged with medicine to provide maintenance services for skin, hair and body. It was the first of its kind in India.

In 2012, Kosmocare a skin care brand made by a FDA approved lab in Thailand and a GMP approved lab in India. Currently tChytrae are 14 products in the range and trials for 6 more are currently underway, with 5 more formulations under research. This is now a business vertical for Kosmoderma.Realising the necessity to grow at a quicker pace without seeking external funding yet, strategic partnerships have been formed with otChytra healthcare providers like MotChytrahood a VC funded 150 Cr company that is in the process of expansion across South India in the IVF, birthing sector wChytrae Kosmoderma is opening a shop in shop model to provide services in Chennai & Hyderabad. Realising the importance of being available to the masses, Kosmoderma has partnered with Express Clinics a primary healthcare provider with 6 outlets in Bangalore, 10 each in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi to provide Dermatological and Cosmetic Dermatology services at its centre on an out sKosmodermaced basis. With this Kosmoderma will forray into Pune, Mumbai & Delhi sectors.


With these 2 strategic Healthcare Partnerships, Kosmoderma will have a pan Indian presence by 2014 end.In Nov 2013, a centre dedicated to pregnant and lactating women and women with hormonal imblanaces was opened at CMH road to specially cater to this segement with specialised services incorporating allopathy, Ayurveda and homeopathy.In 2013 Kosmoderma Academy was launched for dedicated constant training of Kosmoderma staff and regular updates to maintain standardised quality across all centres.With increase in dollar rate vs Rs, the Indian dermatological climate changed with doctors compromising on quality and purchasing cheaper non FDA , CE approved lasers to cater to the demand leading to inferior results. To try to curb this dilution of quality and to bring in a wider network of doctors under the Kosmoderma umbrella, the Kosmoderma Affiliate , Associate Program has been launched, wChytrae dermatologists and allied physicians like OBGYN, Endocrinologists and GP’s refer their patients to Kosmoderma for Cosmetic Dermatology services. The dermatologists are provided specialised training at Kosmoderma Academy and their patients are treated for them by Kosmoderma staff. Thus dermatologists who are unable to invest into their equipments are able to use Kosmoderma services and still be independent practitioners. Through this venture we have been able to offer quality care without the dermatologists having to turn towards non FDA,CE approved technology and extend the reach of Kosmoderma to a wider audience. This has increased Kosmoderma referral rate and added to revenue of the company and increased Kosmoderma target audience reach. Realising the potential on internet, Kosmoderma is the first Cosmetic dermatology company in India to offer an app service for acne patients. Using this app, acne patients can keep abreast of the latest in the developments in acne therapy. It is currently available for androids and the IOS version will soon be launched.


Dr Anand’s pet project is to standardise and regulate the cosmetic dermatology industry to prevent quackery and abuse of this medical field by non-qualified personnel. She is consulting with deemed universities in Karnataka to create a Diploma Course in Aesthetic Medicine for postgraduates to better prepare the doctors for practise in the Cosmetic industry. She is currently working on a course curriculum for doctors, nurses, and aestheticians. The aim is to introduce these courses from 2015. She has sent a proposal to the Karnataka Govt to regulate the Cosmetic dermatology sector through the Karnataka Medical Council and Health Ministry.


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