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India’s Most Admired Cardiac Surgeon Dr Hariawala Raises Protest Over Artificial heart’s mockery

DSC_2135Healthcare Economist & Eminent CardiacSurgeon lashes out at marketing Gimmicks played over Artificial Heart by His Contemporary Peers.
India’s Most Admired Indo-American Cardiac Surgeon Dr Mukesh Hariawala Raises Protest Over Artificial heart’s mockery

Monday, 24th September 2012, Mumbai, Maharashtra : India’s much acclaimed & World renowned Cardiac Surgeon & Healthcare Economist Dr Mukesh Hariawala who recently shot to fame with his stunning presentation on Is India prepared for a Artificial Heart Surgery at his much anticipated Keynote Address that virtually stunned the audience who had gathered in large numbers from the pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Professionals at Pharmaleaders 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2012 in a suburban hotel in Mumbai on 21st September 2012 organised by Pharmaleaders in association with Pharmexcil, Ministry of Commerce to debate on the Healthcare Reforms in India. The Summit felicitated top 33 performers in healthcare industry.
Satya Brahma, Chairman & Editor-In-Chief of Pharmaleaders opened up the debate with a scathing attack on the dual standard of the Government to encourage domestic Pharma companies & minimize the presence of the Multi-National Companies. Satya Said “ In an era of Globalization, free trade & inter commercial relations which has brought india to the world map, the attempt by the Government of India of not taking the consensus on factors such as FDI, Reforms, Free Medicines policy & Pricing are unfortunate & deplorable. Pharmaleaders, Asia’s Biggest voice in healthcare Communications & Media debated on “Brand India”, Beyond Generics – Leading with Resilience – Coming Back from Challenge and Heading towards Super-power Status is going to be the business mantra of today’s debate. Widely perceived by Industry’s Opinion Leaders & Analysts as the Centre-Point of debating complex & serious issues, pharmaleaders platform witnessed more than 20 top Industry Leaders deliberating on complex issues of this sensitive Industry.
Questioning the intent of the Government, Satya Brahma stated “why is the health sector full of imperfections, despite huge investments and increasing literacy rates?. There are a number of factors responsible for it — lack of public financing, huge information asymmetry between consumers and the providers, lack of coherence in policy formulation between the Centre and States on the subject of healthcare and absence of proper regulatory oversight. Healthcare infrastructure, insurance coverage, disease prevalence, and patient population are the key fundamentals driving the healthcare industry into the future the current density demand indicated shortfall of hospital beds, doctors and nurses. The estimated requirement by 2025 is 1.75 million beds, 0.7 million doctors and 1.6 million nurse. Achieving this target will require a total investment of US$ 77.9 billion. Pharma market is expected to grow to US$ 54 billion. In 2010, it was cardiovascular and diabetes which are the fastest growing and the two diseases will continue to register 18 per cent and 20 per cent growth in terms of hospitaladmissions and therapies”.
Dr Mukesh Hariawala, who was felicitated the coveted India’s Most Admired Surgeon of India by Maharashtra Governor K.Shankaranarayanan, said that india is on the move & unveiled triple heart therapy in his keynote Address. To quote Dr Mukesh Hariawala “ Artificial Heart is not the scientific term but it should be VAD ( mechanical ventricular assist device ) as in this operation the native heart is not removed from the chest and replaced. Also Angiogenesis , Stem cells must be correctly explained that it is not a magic wand but will play a synergistic role with conventional and proven bypass surgery. Finally, unlike other Indian cardiac surgeons who want to indulge in sensationalism journalism , I would like my image as a credible surgeon scientist whose mission is to provide accurate meaningful educational information to the Indian readership , doctors and patients. Dr Hariawala wanted to maintain peer respect of fellow doctors and said he had no interest in becoming overnight medical hero in India. Hariawala stated that he wanted to give back his expertise to motherland India which will help poor patients with heart diseases. He countered Dr Ramakant Panda’s view that “A tiny mechanized device weighing 400 grams may soon give a new lease of life to more than 4 million people in the country who die of heart failure every year. A Mumbai hospital has brought in the technology to implant an artificial heart that takes over the functioning of the original heart and promises to double the patient’s life-expectancy. Artificial heart now in India, price Rs 1 crore” as reported in Media”. Interestingly Dr panda was the previous recipient of the Award Title as India’s Most Admired Surgeon at the same platform in its 4th Annual Edition.
Dr Hariawala unveiled 3 new revolutionary cardiac technologies , Dr Hariawala’s pioneering Triple Heart Therapy ( Angiogenesis + Stem Cells + Laser ) best done in a ” Hybrid Operation Suite ” , VAD ( Ventricular Assist Device ) and Non Invasive Shockwave Therapy in India. The FDA or CE mark approved VAD’s, which will be offered to patients as an alternative to Heart Transplantation, has a cumulative worldwide Implantations record which has crossed 10,000. The ” Optimal VAD for India ” would be one that has a good track record of reliability, minimal complications and competitive shelf price. Elaborating on the long life lithium ion battery operated VAD’s which plays the role of a Mechanical Artificial Heart, Dr Hariawala told ANI in an exclusive interview, that VAD is only for patients who are in advanced stage heart failure and who do not qualify as patients for routine angioplasty, stentor bypass surgery. VAD patients following implantation will be able to ambulate and begin enjoying an improved quality of life with certain restrictions, he said.
Storz Medical’s unique ” MODULITH – SLC Shock Wave ” Non – Invasive system has an excellent record with CE certification that employs the principles of ” Therapeutic Angiogenesis “. This easy to deliver technology is ultrasound image guided. The controlled targeted level of shock wave energy stimulates the release of cellular growth factors like VEGF helping in formation of micro blood vessels from pre existing ones. This resultant effect is provision of a large pool of oxygen rich collateral vessel network which supports circulation to the failing heart, thus giving early relief of angina related symptoms. The advantage of this technology is negligible incidences of procedural complications, and is best suited for most Indian patients who have diabetes, diffused extensive non bypass-able coronary arterydisease and who are in need of repeat bypass surgery but are high risk subjects . The well established EECP ( External Enhanced Counter Pulsation ) technology works on the same principle using inferior extremity cuffs. Boston, US based Dr Mukesh Hariawala is also a Visiting Honorary Cardiac Surgeon at Mumbai’s Jaslok Hospital. In addition to performing open heart surgery on many worldwide celebrities, Dr Hariawala along with Dr John Wright had performed the first Bypass operation in London on Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in 1990



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