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Incredible Pharmaleaders 2013. – “ Pushing India’s Growth Agenda-

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Incredible Pharmaleaders 2013.  – “ Pushing India’s Growth Agenda-” is the theme of the historic edition of Pharmaleaders’s 6th Annual Affair , the 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharmaleaders Business Leadership Awards 2013 to be staged in Mumbai on 20th December 2013 in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. Entering in its 6th Year, the much anticipated & awaited prestigious title is attempting to revisit the current state of affairs & the pressure of building brands & most importantly, maintaining the sustainable growth record in an era where Government’s policy making machine making a difficult task to the thinking process & the strategies to retain market dominance. As Pharmaleaders march ahead to host the event, both domestic & international markets have been witnessing a change of approach. The Price war, US FDA Vigilance, FDI & Generics are the key drivers that will determine the winning combinations.

Indian markets are far more mature and have given their thumbs down to the controversial Food Security Bill. But the UPA government will do all it takes to indulge in such populist measures even going to the extent of driving the country down the fiscal drain. Fiscal deprivation just adds on to the long list of pitfalls of the UPA government including corruption, apathy, indecision and pseudo secularism. Its time for the people of India to fight back. Otherwise its the middle class and the hapless poor who will pay the price for supporting such a corrupt and inept regime. Pharmaleaders feel the heat when finding the right perspectives as the overwhelming numbers suggest that the Pricing Policy of the Government have taken a toll signaling the death of investments in R & D in the absence of a strong patent regime.


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