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In India, though price is a major factor, the skincare market is certainly growing very big & given the present scenario where looks dominate merit (mostly), the role of Dermatologists & Cosmetologists are increasingly becoming challenging & ever demanding as The skin care market is valued at Rs 400 crore for 2012 and is growing at a CAGR of 15 per cent

With the increasing stress levels, mirrored with an escalation in pollution, both outdoors and indoors, the incidence of skin ailments is on the increase! And most of these conditions can have an effect of incapacitation on the person enduring the skin problem                  


India. Maharashtra, Mumbai, Saturday, 9th Feb 2013 . With the increasing focus on enhancing beauty care coupled with latest innovations in skincare treatment, the Indian Wellness Market has grown by leaps & bounds. It is no secret that a quite a sizeable chunk of urban as well as Semi Urban market in India is witnessing the emergence of “New Look Woman’ as well as ‘Extra & Enhanced Beauty Care for Men’ as they set to make their presence in their professional life to look different & add a persona. While the traditional concept of treatment is still in practice, the mood of the nation seems certainly signaling a metamorphosis. The need to add extra impression seems to redefine the whole concept of looking good. The wider treatment such as Botox,Fillers,Chemical Peels,Skin Polish,Microneedling,Acne Scars,Acne,Hydrafacial,Laser Hair Removal,Skin Tightening,Wrinkles & Lines,Skin Brightening,Skin Hydration,Microdermabrasion,RF Refirme Treatment,Dermaroller Therapy,Mesotherapy,Pumpkin Peel,Vit C Peel,Body Clinic,Laser Hair Removal,Tan Removal,Skin Polish,Enzyme Polish,Scar Removal,Decollete / Neck,Hands Feet,Elbows & Knees,Stretch Marks,Warts/Skin Tags,Mole Removal,Lipo-Dissolve,Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy,Scar & Stretch Marks Treatment,Hair Clinic,Dandruff,Hair Loss,Stem Cell Therapy,Psoriasis,Hair Transplantation,Super Laser Hair Removal has dominated the beauty care market. More & More Dermatologists are increasingly feeling their space in cosmetic care as it gives great earnings as well as newer experimentation. Of late we have witnessed more & more Doctors want to pursue Derma, Cosmetic & Hair Plant course post their MBBS. While many prefer overseas institutions to fulfill their training needs, Indian institutions remain more cost effective to their basic choice. Today’s Dermatologists & Cosmetologists are no more confined to their basic skincare needs, but has expanded into latest high-tech labs for beauty care treatment. It seems sometimes that it has become a necessity than luxury though the subject still needs a wider debate as the cost component is a major deterrent feels Satya Brahma, Editor-In-Chief of Pharmaleaders Magazine. India is a unique Market quite compared to the western market which is dominated by lifestyle needs to glow up their skin, In India, though price is a major factor, the skincare market is certainly growing very big & given the present scenario where looks dominate merit (mostly), the role of Dermatologists & Cosmetologists are increasingly becoming challenging & ever demanding as The skin care market is valued at Rs 400 crore for 2012 and is growing at a CAGR of 15 per cent, Satya added.

To understand what drives the mindset of the people’s perception, Pharmaleaders spoke to Dr Nilayini, the founder of South India’s one of the most sophisticated state of the art centre, Blu Skin & Cosmetology  which also has a Spa. In an exclusive Interview to Satya Brahma, Editor-In-Chief of Pharmaleaders, Dr Nilayini spoke on wide ranging topics of the past, present & gradual evolution of the skincare industry & its treatment process. Dr Nilayini,Founder,M.B.B.S,DD (Dermatology)(UK), is the prestigious member of American Society of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Physicians. Dr. Nilayini has been accredited nationally and internationally in various advanced cosmetic procedures like Fillers and Botox. She started Blu Skin & Cosmetology – the first of its kind, in the high profile area of Hyderabad ie Jubilee Hills, an abode to many niche clients in and around Hyderabad and from other cities & countries. Blu Skin & Cosmetology is the pioneer among the Beauty Medical Spas in Hyderabad, in terms of facilities , infrastructure & services offered. Blu Skin & Cosmetology was inaugurated by the legendary actor Akkineni Nagarjuna. The aesthetic caliber that Dr Nilayini possesses is far beyond questioning , and with the patient success reviews she gets about Blu Skin & Cosmetology, it is beyond doubt that she is the prime & hard force in the reckoning, especially in the field of aesthetic cosmetology.

Excerpts from the Interview.

PL : Is skincare treatment a Luxury or a Necessity?

The common perception that it is a luxury, which probably was true to a major extent! However, with the increasing stress levels, mirrored with an escalation in pollution, both outdoors and indoors, the incidence of skin ailments is on the increase! And most of these conditions can have an effect of incapacitation on the person enduring the skin problem. The good news is that a majority of these skin conditions can be cured with medications and evidence-based interventions, thereby not only reducing and limiting the morbid situations but also increasing the quality of life!

So, what used to be a luxury, is now a necessity in not only persons whose occupation demands a flawless skin (personnel belonging to hospitality industry, theatre and movie industry, aviation industry personnel and receptionists)  but also in persons who are enduring various skin ailments.

PL.      The Market for Skincare or Beauty care is increasing. Do you feel the Price war with your competitor Skin Specialists?

Skin care is wrongly perceived as being “expensive” and the same care will be made available at a lesser price elsewhere! The truth of the matter is, like in all professions, providing a high standard of care and therapy needs investment in equipment that is of international standards, and more importantly ratified authorities such a USFDA.    Centers that provide such quality of care are very few in our country, so the issue of ‘price war’ is of lesser importance when compared to providing safe and state of art care!

PL. Is Hyderabad a Perfect Market for a Celebrity Cosmetologist?

Hyderabad is the fourth most populous city in India and also boosts a higher sex ratio compared to the national average! The health awareness is on the rise, thanks to the blooming IT centers and also to the fact that Hyderabad hosts only the umpteen numbers of national and multinational companies, in addition to the telugu-film industry, which produces the largest number of motion-pictures in India! Therefore, Hyderabad has the potential to be a ‘perfect market’ for celebrity cosmetologists!

PL : When did you Conceive Blu Skin & Cosmetology, Was there a need?

‘Blu’ was conceived when I was a medical student. After qualifying as a doctor, I felt the need to have an overview of all the various disciplines, therefore, after gaining adequate experience in the major medical fields; I achieved my immediate objective of starting a skin and cosmetology clinic in 2009. Having made a niche as a preeminent center, my secondary objective is to evolve Blu into the best Skin and Cosmetology center in the country!

PL.      Has Indian Middle Class Woman come of ages & Ready to spend extra Pound to look Beauty?

Our present ‘middle class’ is expected to reach or cross 40% (or > 500 million) of our vast population. With India witnessing one of the fastest growth in economies, even the purchasing power parity is expected to increase from 4.7% to 6.1% of the world share by 2015. Given these facts, the average Indian middle class woman is surely on her way to state of increased awareness of all-round and has the potential to spend the extra rupee on looking ‘good’, thereby increasing their self-esteem!

PL.      What is your take on Laser Hair Removal VS Bikini Waxing?

LHR is a medical procedure where as bikini waxing is not. LHR is carried out by a certified professional. LHR is long lasting results, safer and less painful than bikini waxing. Apart from all this it greatly cost effective. Whereas bikini waxing poses a lot of health hazards, like infections and side effects.

PL.      Do you have plans to spread your Clinic all India, If so when & How?

As I have already mentioned, having achieved the objective of starting Blu, the second objective is to evolve and progress to being the best in the business!  Once I achieve this secondary objective (which I believe that we are on our way), we then will look at the third objective of establishing more centers in other cities across India.

PL.      How can you see you are offering a different treatment than others?

Our treatments are more personal and specific. We do not believe in quantity we believe in Evidence & quality based medicine moreover the safety procedures are adapted by us is one of its kind.

PL.      What is the most common myth about acne?

That it is “curable”! Acne, though a common physiological consequence, can be controlled to a significant extent, by a comprehensive approach. This involves a detailed assessment comprising of going into the life-style, diet, family history, medication history, allergies  and associated hormonal imbalances, if any.                    In most of the cases, acne can be controlled and cured, though not in all the cases.

PL.      When did you first know you wanted to create your own line of beauty Clinic?

Like I said earlier, I always felt that I can do more here because the idea of making someone look more beautiful was very exciting to me. This realization happened during my student years.

PL.      How did you garner such a celebrity following?

By inflexible adherence to quality of care that we impart and provide to all our clients. In fact, all our interventions are under the aegis of evidence-based practices, most of which have evolved after vigorous clinical trials.

PL.      Can you share some beauty tips that every woman should know?

I believe every person born beautiful! The only way to maintain this God’s given endowment is to follow a healthy lifestyle, which comprises consuming proper diet and imbibing adequate non-alcoholic and non-caffeine containing fluids, adequate physical activity and regular exercise, and getting adequate sleep. Some persons have skin types which are more prone to rashes, pigmentation and eruptions, which can be prevented or controlled to a significant extent by avoid direct exposure to sun and using sun-screens with an SPF of 25 or more.

PL.      What is the secret to great looking skin?

In addition to the above, there are other ways are to avoid smoking and highly polluted environments. Avoid the day-today stresses from becoming severe by taking up meditation or an active hobby!

PL.      What ingredients do you recommend that make a difference? What is the main ingredient to look for other than benzyl peroxide? What difference do over the counter creams and lotions make to common acne?

I recommend Retinoic acid 0.50%, OTC may work in mild cases but for moderate to severe with some underlying causes it is may actually worsen therefore it is always advised to consult a doctor

Would you ever advise hormone control or the pill to younger women? What should a dermatologist do before prescribing treatment?

After the through check up of the patient ruling out any possible risk factors and after clinical and laboratory investigations and also the opinion taken from the specialty doctor of the client Hormone control pills can be prescribed to younger woman. Before prescribing a derm has to take safety procedures

PL.      Celebrities seem to be perfect. The right figure, skin, eyes, make up, hair etc and with no amount of effort do we get to own the same. Why? The reason is lack of dedication and demand. Celebrities can’t afford to look bad, thus they are dedicated to their regime but there is also the concept of celebrity beauty secrets. Each one has one secret to their perfect beauty, which makes them different from the common mass. What is your take on this?

The way the celebrities take care of their body and skin is entirely different, which a common man cannot maintain in his day-to-day activity, most of it is also a combination of genes and compliance. What they have achieved is only due to a lot of dedication and practice. Having said this, there is an individual decision and thorough effort that goes into differentiating a celebrity from a common man.

Looking perfect is a part of their profession and it’s a necessity for them to be conscious and careful about what their appearance is and this differentiates them from the common people, in case of common people , it’s their choice, it’s the way how the individual wants.

PL.      How will you sum up about yourself as a Doctor & as an Individual?

As a medical doctor I follow the dictum of  “primun non nocere” i.e., first of all, do no further harm! My medical training puts be in a position to completely assess the person’s medical status, with a view of tolerance or intolerance of the planned therapy, and the possible outcome. Only after a thorough assessment, that we commence our interventions. As an individual, it is an immense satisfaction to note that all my clients have a postitve outcome and I have contributed in  a way to their happiness!

PL.  Do you feel Slimming Tablets can make a Difference in reducing Extra Weight?

There are established guidelines for medication therapy in weight management and when administered under controlled conditions, they achieve the objective of weight reduction. Therefore, the slimming pills have a definite role, if the person falls in this category. In some cases, they have to be taken over a prolonged periods of time.

PL.  What are your views on Breast Implants, How Big the market is?

Breast implants is a personal decision that is entirely on the patients call. If it changes her life to a significant extent, in her perception, then so be it! The very fact that the demand for breast augmentation is on the increase in India confirms my point.

PL.  What are the complications you have faced while starting your career?

It was a big challenge – as I was the first to start on my own and at a stage where my experience in the economics involved was in its infancy. In addition, Hyderabad market was new to this type of care. However, my learning curve was not a prolonged one, and very soon I got the penchant to assess and impart therapy and also manage the business angle of running Blu!

PL.  Would you like to be called as a Millionaire Skincare Specialist?

We stile to impart evidence-based care to all our clients and aim to make a positive-change in their lives! Therefore, I would rather like to known as a skincare specialist who made a difference to a million lives.

Contact :

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Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad-33
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