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Healthcare policy in an Obama administration -What are we getting?

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A close scrutiny will examines the challenges the President faces,
explains how these reforms may be enacted, the potential impact for
employers as well as those in the health industry and provides five ideas
for making health care more affordable. I feel that that President
Obama’s plan would provide coverage for two-thirds of the uninsured;
costing $75 billion if it were enacted in 2009. Forty percent of the
estimated 30 million Americans who would gain health insurance would
obtain this through their employers reversing a critical trend in the
erosion of employer-based coverage.
Many of the reforms proposed have been tested at the state level in
Massachusetts, which enacted universal healthcare legislation in 2006.
The state now has the nation’s lowest uninsured rate in what had been
the most costly healthcare state. Approximately one-third of the cost of
Obama’s plan could come from existing funding for the uninsured. The
remaining amount will have to be raised through repealing tax cuts,
raising taxes or other limitations in spending. Reforms are aimed at
providing tax subsidies for the healthcare disenfranchised which
includes the estimated 15% of uninsured Americans and those small
businesses that cannot afford to offer coverage. Expanding coverage will
exacerbate current deficiencies in the health system, such as labor
shortages. Without successful cost containment strategies, growing
healthcare costs would increase the costs of the Obama plan
dramatically over time and reduce the effectiveness of mandates –
making federal costs unsustainable.
In this inaugural issue, Pharma Leaders has attempted to take a complete
stock of the Industry in its various features as you read.Looking forward
to hear from you.
Happy Reading……
Satya N Brahma


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