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The much awaited leadership event of Pharmaleaders’s Annual meet, 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2012 has an aptly theme “Brand India”, Beyond Generics – Growth, Challenges & Opportunities to be staged in India’s leading capital of Pharmaceutical Companies, Mumbai. Widely perceived by Industry’s Opinion Leaders & Analysts as the Centre-Point of debating complex & serious issues, the platform will showcase more than 20 Industry Leaders deliberating on crucial topics of great significance. More than 200 CEO’s, Owners of Pharmaceutical Companies, Pharma Academia, Policy Makers, Management Firms, Diplomats along with overseas Companies have blocked their date to attend at the commercial capital of India in Mumbai on Friday, 21stSeptember at Hotel Hilton Mumbai International Airport, India. I feel “While the earlier Summits since last four years debated equally significant Issues , This year’s Debate will assume significance in view of Indian Government’s announcement to provide free medicines & push for Generics, a decision that may reshuffle the business models of both domestic & MNC”s as Branded Medicines will take a beating”.

Entering in its 5th year, The Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Awards 2012 has a glorious track record of bringing together some of the finest think-tanks of the different spectrums of the healthcare Industry, Pharma Academia, Bureaucrats, Policy makers & Social Entrepreneurs. Since its inception, Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Awards, has witnessed more than 2000 delegates, over 200 veteran Speakers & more than 150 top notch companies & Entrepreneurs have been recognized, felicitated & awarded by this platform. Known for debating complex issues, controversial topics & regulatory hurdles confronted by the industry in its past Annual Meets, the 5thAnnual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2012 will debate on Brand India Pharma in line with the Indian Government’s objective & vision to project Indian Pharma Industry in the global map. Announcing the Event, I am sure “Like in the past, we attempt to create a vibrant platform of interaction amongst the professionals of the Industry. With the Government of India’s game changing they to move ahead with ambitious plans to spend nearly $A5 billion to supply free drugs to patients – bringing the country closer to universal health coverage, the 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2012 will be the ultimate destination for a serious debate on Brand India”. 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit will also felicitate Business Leadership Awards to top performers in 30 categories who will be put under voting for the next two months, Satya added.

The Challenge

India is emerging out to be the biggest super-power in pharmaceuticals & healthcare as we move forward bringing out break-through technologies & latest innovations in the areas of research. The World Market is certainly upbeat investing their time, energy & money in the Indian healthcare market as India continue to demonstrate consistent performances. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is responsible for around 10% of world pharmaceutical production. Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare industry took a quantum leap and with a scorching pace grew from US$ 11.4 billion in 2010 to US$ 13 billion in 2012 & the real challenge will be USD 55 Billion mark by 2020 as revealed by the IMS Prognosis Report 2011. The Indian pharmaceutical market is expected to touch US$74 billion sales by 2020 from US$11 billion now. India’s pharmaceutical market grew at 15.7% during December 2011, with growth in key therapy areas, including anti-diabetics, derma and vitamins outperforming the market. India has every chance to capitalize the opportunity to become a pharmaceutical superpower in 2020 and a hub for all pharmaceutical manufacturing and research needs.  The 5th Annual India Leadership Conclave & Business Leadership Awards 2012 will be attended by more than 200 CEO’s of the Industry with participation from overseas countries. The Event will be debated by some of the leading stalwarts & icons of the Healthcare Industry.  Considering the life cycle of block-buster molecules having an average of 20 odd years & in an age where billions of dollars are being spent on research for new molecules and drugs, the best Brands are the old Brands that has topped the list. While top 10 Brands in India come from the mix of Domestic Pharma majors & MNC’s, the big debate of Generics, to my mind will not go well with the medical profession as Doctors will not be aware the manufacturers details as many will plunge into it. While, domestic players dominate the rankings with a 65% share by owning 196 brands in the top-300 list. However, despite a limited presence in India (20% of the total domestic sales), MNCs have demonstrated better brand building capabilities and have created 92 of the top-300 brands, and five of top 10 brands sold in the country. It is pertinent here to note that India has the highest number of US-FDA approved plants outside the US. Most of these plants have multiple approvals from regulatory authorities in Canada, Australia and Germany. India also holds a strong position in producing generic drugs through reverse engineering.

I take this opportunity to be a part of this platform & come & share your thoughts with the leaders of Indian Healthcare Industry.

Satya Brahma

Chairman – Organizing Committee, 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership awards 2012.  Chairman & Editor –in-Chief – Pharmaleaders


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