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Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals voted as India’s Most technically & scientifically advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company of the year 2014 at Pharmaleaders Power Brand 2014


Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals voted as India’s Most technically & scientifically advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company of the year 2014 at Pharmaleaders Power Brand 2014

7th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Business Leadership Awards 2014 will felicitate Indian Drug Maker Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals For top Manufacturing Excellence & State of the Art Technology at the the 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharma Leaders™ Business Leadership Awards 2014. This Historic Summit is focusing in Make In India Campaign & is co – organized by Ministry of Health &  Family Affairs, Govt of India, Ministry of Pharmaceuticals , Government of india & host of other trade bodies. Unlike last year, this Summit is debating on two important Sessions. in a uniquely positioned full day program encompassing two themes “Make In India, Healthcare Reforms,  Insurance,Innovations,Investments & Infrastructure” & Empowering India’s Developing Healthcare System – Investing the Healthcare Solutions of Tomorrow in difficult Times on December,26th , 2014 at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai International Airport in Mumbai, India.

Pharma Leaders™ , asia’s biggest media in healthcare communications in association with Network 7 Media Group undertook the gigantic task of identifying the Leader in Healthcare Innovations as it has been doing for years. The Primary factor that propelled the Jury was to look at the forward looking vision of the company coupled with the risk taking abilities & the visionary Leadership of steering the company in the complex business of healthcare where each day we are witnessing new competition, bigger challenges & ability to stay ahead of competition.

internationally recognized WHO-GMP certified and one of the leading contract manufacturing and has rapidly emerged as the premier integrated pharmaceutical company with wide range of US-FDA norms producing HORMONAL preparations in Oral (Solid & Liquid) & Injectable forms, Skin Ointments & Cosmetic preparations, Oncology formulations and Contract Research and Manufacturing Services. As  one of the largest manufacturers and six state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities have huge per day capacity to produce formulations in practically all dosage forms, i.e. Tablets, Capsules, Soft Gels, Dry Syrups, Liquid Orals, Powder in Sachet, Dry & Liquid Injections, Pre-filled Syringes, Large Volume Parenterals (up to 100 ml) and Eye / Ear / Nasal Drops in Form Fill & Seal and Three Piece Packs. Akums  have  established a strong global footprint in fulfilling the requirements of clients across the Globe.  Under the dynamic leadership of the visionary Chairman Mr.D.C.Jain with Mr Sanjeev Jain, Akums has been a biggest force in the Indian Pharma industry in contract manufacturing.The Award ceremony is scheduled at 07.00 PM on 26th December 2014 onwards at the Grand Jade Room of Hotel sahara Star, Mumbai, India. Like every year, this will be attended by more than 300 power packed Healthcare Leaders in all disciple in the glittering award night followed by cocktail & Dinner.

Akums are India’s largest contract manufacturing company engaged in manufacturing of  pharmaceutical formulations, ayurvedic / herbal preparations, hormones, neutraceuticals and more. The growth path of AKUMS was laid down by its promoters Mr. Sanjeev Jain and Mr. Sandeep Jain under the guidance of Mr. D.C.Jain in the year 2004.Quality, innovation and customer satisfaction are virtues at Akums. The approach is technologically driven to serve the emerging needs in the ever expanding market. The 8 state of art facilities are dedicated to separate dosage forms across therapeutic segments. The infrastructure is equipped with sophisticated and modern equipment & Machines with huge per day manufacturing capacities in all section. Akums has an acumen to innovate, and dedication to provide quality products and a progressive learning attitude. In Akums continuous pursuit of Healthier today and tomorrow, Akums are working towards redesigning global healthcare.


To be a globally admired pharmaceutical company providing excellent quality products to Akums customers and people of the world.

Akums Vision

To be a global pharmaceutical company with an enduring commitment to quality.

Business Model

One stop solution for contract manufacturing services in all dosage forms .

Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAMS),

Formulation & development of Novel Drugs Delivery Systems (N.D.D.S.),

Loan License,

New Formulations with DCGI Approvals,

Institutional business

Technology Transfer,

Technical collaboration and Joint venture,

Akums specializes in developing new formulations, undertaking bioequivalence studies, clinical trials, obtaining Drug Controller General of India’s (DCGI) approval for manufacturing and marketing of new Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs) & molecules and thereby offering new formulations with Akums’s own technology to its customers under their brand names. Akums manufactures innovative and technology driven products.



Akums are engaged in developing, manufacturing and supplying of products both in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals segment many of them for the First Time in India

1 Eno chewable Tablet & Suspension for GSK
2 Lemon Fizz Sachet for Dabur
3 Digene Fastmelt Mouth dissolving sachet for Abbott
4 Viscodyne Ayurvedic Cough Syrup for Wockhardt
5 Paracetamol 100 ml Infusion in FFS
6 Acceclofenac and Rabeprazole – Bi-Layered, Sustained Release Tablet in Tablet
7 Specially formulated colostrum cream for treatment in Acne as Akumsll as Acne Scars
8 Tablet in low RH like Cefopodoxime and Clavulanate
9 Lactitol and Isapaghula combination
10 Cefopodoxime and Ofloxacin Tablet
11 Progesterone Effervescent Tablets
12 Progesterone Vaginal Gel (In pre filled Applicator)
13 Sildenafil Jelly in Palatable Form
14 Oral Keratin with Multi Vitamins for Hair, Nail and Skin
15 Guaifenesin Vaginal Tablet
16 Sildenafil Vaginal Tablet
17 Jaundiff – Versatile Hepato Protector in Single Dose Remedy
18 Pinashin – Herbal solution to all Rhinological problems in single dose remedy
19 N- Acetylcysteine Effervescent Tablets
20 Metformin and Voglibose Tablet
21 Cefixime and Linezolid Tablet
22 Amoxycilin, Dicloxacilin and Lactic Acid Bacillus as Hard Gelatin Capsules
23 Trisodium Citrate Injection – Catheter Lock Solution
24 Alpha GPC and Piracetam Tablet
25 Sulbactum Injection
26 Calcium Citrate, Calcium Aspartate, Calcium Orotate, Milk Calcium and Vitamin D3 Tablet
27 Cefixime and Docloxacilin Tablet
28 Omeprazole and Domperidone Tablet
29 Rabeprazole and Zinc Carnosine Tablet
30 Diclofenac and Zinc Carnosine Tablet
31 AlliumCepa, Heparin Sodium and Allontoin Gel
32 Pamabrom and Paracetamol Tablet
33 Inlay Tablet
34 Cefuroxime Axetil and Cefpodoxime proxetil as Gastric Floating Tablets
35 Diclofenac 75 mg per 1 ml Injection
36 Enoxaparin Pre Filled Syringe
37 Caffeine Citrate Injection & Oral Solution
38 Ready to Use Antibiotic Syrups
39 Bimatoprost eye drop for eye lashes


Akums has always strived towards expanding its capabilities to develop breakthrough technologies. There is a constant endeavor to enhance and/or modify drug release profiles to maximize therapeutic value of the available formulations.

Out of the many, two breakthrough technologies are:

Fast Absol technology ®

In this technology, unique excipients are added to an oral dosage form for rapid disintegration. This technology enables quicker therapeutic effect with steady & stable release profiles .There is Great improvement in patient compliance

Do-Akumsll technology ®

This technology makes injectables less viscous, less painful and more efficacious. The patient compliance and doctor comfort in highly increased.

Akums cater to the following segments

Antibiotics Cough & Cold Preparations
Anti Hypertensives Antacids
Antiamoebics Geriatric Care
Tranquilizers Central Nervous System
Corticosteroids Respiratory
Hormones Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT)
Antiasthmatic Urological
GenitAkumsinary Gynaecology
Ophthalmic Pediatrics
Pain Management Cardiovascular
Dyslipidemia Probiotics
Antipyretics Dermatologicals
Antiepileptics Cosmetics
Sedatives  / Hypnotics Herbal Preparations
Antidiabetics / Diabetes Mellitus Neutraceuticals
Antiemetics Veterinary Preparations
Analgesics Feed Supplement

AKUMS manufactures more than 2500 formulations in all dosage forms and therapeutic segments. GLOBAL PRESENCE

With manufacturing expertise along with innovation & quality approach, Akums has its presence marked in the Indian & global pharmaceutical space. Akums export Akums formulations to various global markets. Akums have filed substantial numbers of dossiers in different countries. The process of filing dossiers for regulated market is in advanced stage of progress. There is a full-fledged team of highly professional & experienced personnel competent to prepare and submit dossiers as per CTD, ACTD and guidelines of MOH of different countries.  Akums have a highly experienced team in international marketing to take the export to new heights. Akums have a progress plan laid and have plans to acquire USFDA approved facility to facilitate export to US and other regulated markets. The manufacturing units have International approvals like – ANVISA – Brazil; NAFDAC; Nigeria; FDB – Ghana; PMPB – Malawi; PPB – Kenya; MOH – Libya; MOH – Cambodia; DDA – Nepal; CD&DA – Sri Lanka; MOH – Vietnam; MOH – Belarus; DPM – Ivory Coast etc.Akums have Akums global foot prints in countries like Libya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Liberia,Malawi, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong kong, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Afghanistan,Malaysia, Venezuela, Belarus, Ukraine, Tajikistan & Francophone countries etc. Akums has plans for registering and marketing its own brands in different countriesincluding regulatory countries,  through own staff. The endeavor is to export Akums uniqueformulations around the globe and redesign global Healthcare towards a happier world.





















National Award for ‘Excellence in Product Quality’ and ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurship’
Best Emerging Companies Excellence Award and Best Corporate Governance Award by Business Today
India’s most Admired Company in CRAMS Market
India’s fastest growing Company in Contract Manufacturing
Business Leadership Award
Entrepreneur of the Year  for contribution in Corporate Social Responsibility
Quality brands India Award 2012 – 2014


Salient Features

  • The largest Pharmaceutical formulations manufacturer in India.
  • The Facilities are rated as one of the best
  • Manufacture 10% of India’s total domestic medicine consumption.
  • Manufacture more than 2500 formulations in various dosage forms.
  • Excise exemption benefits upto 2020
  • Manufacture number of top ORG brands.
  • There would barely be any retail shops where products manufactured by us are not available
  • Offers formulations in almost all dosage forms across majority of therapeutic Segments.
  • Nearly 300 DCGI approvals received for New F.D.C.s and molecules & around 400are in pipeline.
  • Over 60 applications for Patent filed and many more in pipeline.
  • Constant Focus on Highest Quality standards under supervision of qualified & experienced personnel of the industry in QA, QC and production departments.

Follow Best policies for training & development of technical & Non-Technical Personnel.

Catering to GMSD, Indian Railways , Defence  ,ESIC, RMSCL, MSCL, DHS – Delhi, DHS Assam, DHS – Akumsst Bengal, ICDLWS, AIIMS – Delhi ,etc. Rated 5A2 by Dun & Bradstreet indicates overall status of the Company to be good.

A + (A Plus) and A 1 (A One) rating by ICRA for Long Term Rating and Short Term Rating.

Use integrated SAP and LIMS Software for operational excellence.

Manufacturing processes in all its units aim at ensuring maximum energy conservation,

pollution control and effective waste management.CSR activities are carried out intensively and throughout  the year.


Exports to Libya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethopia, Liberia, Malawi, Philipines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Venezuela, Belarus, Tajikistan & Francophone countries.

Akums has ultra modern infrastructure with around 200  packaging lines, 12 Alu-Alu, 2 AF 150, 1 AF 60, 18 Granulation section consisting of RMGs, 10 Fluid Bed Processors, 25 Auto-coaters, 2 FFS, 7 Tunnels, 550 AHU’s


Akums Laboratories, duly approved by NABL are fully equipped for Physical and metallurgical testing, Micro-biological testing, Chemical testing, Pharmacological testing, Stability Studies etc.

Akums follow GLP Guideline as Good Laboratory Practices which embodies set of principles providing a framework within which laboratory studies are planned, performed, monitored, recorded, reported and archived.

For assuring quality standards, Akums have Centralized Stability Study Chambers to conduct Stability Studies as per ICH Guidelines.

Akums have Large Stability Chambers comprising 1 Stability chamber with 100,000 capacity and 3 Stability Chambers with 2,00,000 capacity each. Stability for products is performed at various conditions by maintaining the environmental conditions as per regulatory requirement using number of AHUs, chillers, dehumidifiers etc.

Laboratories equipped with latest instruments like TOCA (Total Organic Carbon Analyzer),

150 HPLC’s, 3FTIR Spectrophotometers, Gas Chromatography Equipments.


Plant photographs and Dosage manufacturing in each plant.


“Largest State-of-Art facilities

Pure & Cure Healthcare Ltd.

(Oral Solid Dosage Facility for General products / Non Beta Lactum)

Tablets, HG Capsules, Soft Gelatin Capsules, Powders, Bolus, Semi solids, Sachets.

Injectable block for general injections.

Malik Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. has two separate buildings.

  • Cephalosporin Building for manufacturing Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrups, Clavulanic  Formulations, Ready Mix etc.
  • Penicillin Building for manufacturing Tablets (Bi-layered, Sustained Release), Capsules (Hard / Soft Gelatin Capsules), Powders, Sachets, Low RH preparation, etc.

Inspiring Leadership

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Malik Lifesciences maxcure Plant-1 Plant-2 plant-3 Plant-4 Plant-5 Pure and Cure Healthcare dc sanjeev

Shri D. C. Jain, B. Com., LL.B., M.I.L (Hons)., G.D.I.M., M.I.I.A., A.M.I.B.M. F.A.S.M., F.C.S., is a promoter of Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. He has nearly five decades experience in controlling various industries as top level Company Executive. He had been President of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He is a professional of high stature. Under his stewardship, Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., has become icon of India’s healthcare industry and today is the largest Pharmaceutical Company of India. It manufactures 10% of total Pharmaceutical formulations of the Country. Akums manufactures TOP 70 out of 100 ORGs brands.There is hardly any retail store in the country, where products manufactured by AKUMS are not available. Under leadership of Shri D.C Jain, the Company made several national and foreign collaboration agreements and reached new heights of growth. His innovative ideas in creation & retention of customers have brought company to its pinnacle.

Mr.Sanjeev Jain, a Promoter Director of the company, has 30 years of experience in the field of sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals. Shri Sanjeev Jain has been awarded order of Merit in Management and has also been honored as Samaj Shree for the kind voluntary services rendered by him to public & society. Udyog Ratan Awardee from Institute of Economics Studies, Business Partner of Choice by Piramal, commendable appreciation by Abbott India for the contribution extended in  launching Heptral first time in India. With his able leadership & vision, he has achieved the Best contract Manufacturer of the Year-2012 Award. The pharmaceutical industry identifies him as a visionary, leader & mentor who has achieved many milestones envisioning a future; while treating each milestone as a ladder to reach for more.Shri Sanjeev Jain has been instrumental in setting up the Company. He combines in himself dynamism, dedication, diligence, devotion, determination, discipline & direction. Under his wisdom, leadership and professional approach, the Company made several national and foreign collaboration agreements and reached new heights of growth. His innovative ideas in new product development, patents; creation & retention of customers have brought company to its pinnacle.






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